A new batch starts on the first week of every month

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The syllabus encompasses mainly a mixture of Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo and BJJ.

The training also focuses on Kubodo.


In each session, training will comprise of exercises for strength-building, and practice of Martial Arts techniques. It usually takes 6 months to get a higher belt and with each gradation, exercises and techniques change significantly.

Course Duration

It takes approx. 5 years to get the Black Belt


Rs. 500/month.

Rs. 200 as one time registration charge

Age Criteria

Minimum age required to join the course is 18 years.

Looking forward to joining?

  1. Please check the date the new batch is starting on. We DO NOT allow to join in the middle of batches.

  2. Please be at the venue (St. Francis School ground, google maps can be followed) by 6.00 AM on the new batch starting date. Prior registration is required.

  3. Joining formalities will be completed after attending two trial classes.

  4. The classes are conducted outdoors, in the St. Francis School ground.

  5. Students are expected to attend all the 4 classes in a week. We DO NOT offer/allow weekend-only classes.

  6. The course duration and syllabus is fixed, and CANNOT be changed as per the students' demand. Please DO NOT make any such requests.

Attending the first class?

  1. Students are advised to come in sports-wear.

  2. Please remove all the body jewelry at home, eg. earrings, rings, neck-pieces, watches, bracelets, etc. We will not be responsible for any loss of such belongings. 

  3. Please bring 1 liter of water for yourself. 

  4. Please carry a bag to keep your phone and other belongings. Students are not allowed to use or keep the phone during the class.

  5. Please keep your nails trimmed.