Frequently asked questions

Do you have separate batch for women?

No. We have only one batch inclusive of women and men.

Do you have separate batch for children and adults?

No. We have only one batch comprising of kids older than 12 years and adults.

Do you have evening batches?

No. We have only one batch that starts at 6.00 AM.

Do you have weekend batches?

Our batch has 4 classes a week. On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. And it is mandatory to attend all four classes.

What do you teach?

Our syllabus encompasses mainly a mixture of Karate (a Japanese arts that comprises 75% hand techniques and 25% leg techniques), Taekwondo(a Korean art that comprises 25% hand techniques and 75% leg techniques), Aikido (art of Joint locking, manipulation and control), Judo (art of throwing and falling) and BJJ. The syllabus also includes basic and advance self-defense. When a student is enrolled, it is mandatory for them to learn all these forms of arts. A student does not have the option to choose.

Can I have a demo/trial class?

Yes. Anybody interested can take a trial class on Tuesday or Thursday.

Do we need to attend all 4 days?

Yes. It is mandatory to attend all four classes.

Can I join any time of the year?

No. We enroll students in batches. Please contact us for details on upcoming batches.

What is the age limit?

There is no upper age limit. However lower age limit is 12 years.

Do you offer personal trainers/training?

No. However, each student is given ample attention and a conductive environment for them to learn and grown.

Do you provide uniform?

Yes. However, the charges have to be borne by the student.

What is the fee?

The fee is Rs. 500/month and Rs 200 as one-time registration charge.

How is the workout structured?

In each session, training will comprise of exercises for strength building, and practice of martial arts techniques. With each gradation, exercises and techniques change significantly which is required to train the different set of muscles.

What is the duration of the course?

It takes on an average 6 months to get the next belt. And It takes around 6 years to reach to black belt.

Do you teach kick boxing?

No. However we practice sparring which includes kicks and punches.

Is there a short term course?


Do you give certificates?

Certificates are awarded after completion of each belt.

What are the belts awarded?

Please refer to section, KNOW MORE -> BELT LEVELS