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The level of belts a student attains begins with a White belt grading to a BLACK belt over the years


As a White Belt, a student learns fundamental discipline and punctuality. Thirty-two varieties of physical fitness exercises, basic strikes, leg movements involving eight varieties of straight basic self-defence kicks, five basic types of locks and basic self-defence techniques are taught.

Junior Yellow

Four varieties of strikes, five types of blocks, five kinds of throws and three varieties of kicks called as Bending Kicks are taught at this level. The student learns to turn on his/her ball of the foot by one hundred and eighty degrees and kick. The advantages are better power in swing, reach and built in guard.

Senior Yellow

The student learns sparring using hand movements at various levels comprising of Shadow Boxing, Understand and Spar, Drop Kicks and Rapid Kicks that are meant to increase the speed of the kick and to respond with swift action. Fifteen locks with several combinations are taught.


Hand sparring goes to a higher level. The student learns full contact sparring. Turning Kicks by using twelve types of exercises, six types of leaping Straight Kicks, six type of leaping Bending Kicks, Leg Sparring, different combinations of sparring lessons and the art of Sticky Hand.


Hand sparring continues with different speed and power. In leg techniques, two more types of turning kicks, eight double kicks, six types of triple kicks, four more types of sparring combinations, fifteen locks with different combinations are taught.


The student undergoes power training. Kicks and hand movements are practiced using weights. Punching and kicking the bag and the ball, jumping kicks (stepping jumping, standing jumping and scissor kicks), five more types of throws, five basic Judo throws with full contact sparring are learnt.

Brown III

Weapons are a quintessential part of this training. A 6ft long stick called butting stick is used to teach stick weaponry. Basic patterns, seven types of attacks, pre-determined attacks and three types of blocks along with target practicing is done using an opponent. The hundred and twenty-six movements of single nunchaku are taught at this level.

Brown II

The extension of butting stick-Indian stick is practiced by seven type of movements in combinations, patterns and with the opponent. Eighty basic movements of double nunchaku are also taught.

Brown I

Here both butting and Indian stick is used in sparring. Advanced forms are taught. before the student graduates to a black belt, he is expected to create a form.


After Brown I the student is graded to a black belt. 

A Black belt is a LICENSE TO TEACH.

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