Below guidelines are as per the Indian Government and Government of Karnataka notifications and must be followed by all members of The School of Martial Arts Foundation

  1. Wearing Mask: People entering the school premises should be wearing the mask. Before start of the class remove the mask, sanitize your hand and then enter the class for practice.

  2. There will be NO contact training till 30th September 2020. No Aikido with opponent, No BJJ with opponent, No sparring with opponent 

  3. Spitting in the school premises is strictly prohibited.

  4. During practice maintain 6 feet distance with other students.

  5. Keep your bag at least 3 feet away from other bags.

  6. No sharing of water bottle and training equipment (boxing gloves, skateboard).

  7.  After the class is over, change dress and wear mask before leaving. (Wear mask all time when in school premises except during practice).

  8. Avoid unnecessary stay in the school premises. As soon as class is over, leave the school premises.

  9. Avoid talking too much and mingling when in school premises 

  10. Avoid any physical contact (handshake).

  11. If anyone develops any symptom like fever, cough during class, inform your trainer immediately.

COVID-19 Self-Declaration and COVID-19 Liability Release Waiver 

All members of The School of Martial Arts Foundation (including new students attending trial classes) must submit COVID-19 self-declaration form and COVID-19 liability release waiver form before attending the classes. Content of the forms can be accessed below. However, the forms will be provided on premises and has to be filled in the class.